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Dear SysAdmin, please add the following 4 items to the wish list.
Item 1) can you please add a pruning option where a user can specify how many days of log files to keep. As far as I can see, log files are NEVER deleted! I think this parameter should be places in the Tools/Options window.
Item 2) Run Fbackup as a service so that users don't have to be logged in for the backup to work.
Item 3) Give the option to run the backup job in the background so that it is visually invisible to the user. This way users cannot abort the backup.
Item 4) As part of a "Backup Job" property, when doing a "Make mirror" backup, please add an option where at a specific interval that this job is executed, do a "clear backup before run".
For the users that are not aware of this, when doing a Make mirror backup, the first time the job is executed, it does a full backup of the selected files. For subsequent backups, it only does an incremental backup (much faster). However, if you don't trust the state of the files on the destination, then it's a good idea to regularly force a full backup. Reasons for not trusting the destination is that Fbackup does not check if the data on the destination is still there. So if someone deleted some files on the destination drive, or if the destination drive was replaced, currently Fbackup will not detect that and will only copy changed files from the source to the destination...leaving you with only a partial backup.


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We added your requests on our Wishlist.

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