Backup to multiple Drives

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Backup to multiple Drives

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Fbackup is set to carry out a full backup each day. For disaster recovery purposes I have started to use two external hard drives to backup my data which are swapped over each day. What I am finding is the backup completes with a notification message which after investigation relates to the backup not being able to find the previous logs as the backup was stored on the other external backup drive, Fbackup then creates a new backup incidence on the external hard drive. . After a while the External backup drives get filled up with different incidences and causes an error as there is not enough space.

Does Fbackup support the use of swapped drives and Is there a way I can get Fbackup to remove any incidence of a previous backup before starting is daily backup leaving just the one backup on each drive


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Re: Backup to multiple Drives

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Such a feature is available only in Backup4all, our commercial edition.

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