Default settings of 5 catalog files - Fbackup

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Default settings of 5 catalog files - Fbackup

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In the manual for Backup4all there is a reference to a default setting of 5 catalog files kept on the destination drive. This also instructs the user to go to the "Advanced" settings to change this value from 5 to whatever value the user prefers.

I have 2 questions:

1) Although I have looked, I cannot find this setting on the FBackup version, and cannot find it in the "Fbackup vs. Backup4all" comparison.

Is there a way to change this setting on Fbackup?

2) I have 3 USB drives set up identically as "External". Two of these are permanently attached to my computer via USB 3.1 and reside on my desktop. The 3rd is a portable I keep off site. The two permanently connected drives contain the 5 catalog files and are the set up for a scheduled run. The remote drive is only run when I take it into the office and is run manually, and it does not have the 5 catalog files.

Why do only the drives set up on a schedule contain the catalog files?

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Re: Default settings of 5 catalog files - Fbackup

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1. That option cannot be changed in FBackup. It was not listed in the comparison page because it's not an important feature. There are many more differences between FBackup and Backup4all, but only the essential ones are listed there.

2. The catalog files should exist for all jobs, no matter if scheduled or not.
If you want us to take a look on that job, please send us the .fkc catalog file and the last backup log to info[at]fbackup[dot]com

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