Destination error (code 82). The directory or file cannot be created.

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Hi, I've been using FBackup for several years and it's an excellent product!
I've recently run into a problem when creating a mirror backup from one external drive (f:)(NTFS) to another (g:)(FAT32). The source contains my iPhone/iPad backup directory. The backup runs for a few hours and completes about 70% successfully, but returns about 11000 warnings in the log file which state;
Destination error (code 82). The directory or file cannot be created. (G:\MobileDeviceBU\74e1b2ca1b145b8803cfca75417a8dffe00210cf-20111016-114905\fffdabcd3e3f03783a8728abdda29ec2136dcd36). G:\MobileDeviceBU\74e1b2ca1b145b8803cfca75417a8dffe00210cf-20111016-114905\fffdabcd3e3f03783a8728abdda29ec2136dcd36.

[10/11/2011 4:57:16 AM] Warning: Skipping file F:\MobileDeviceBU\74e1b2ca1b145b8803cfca75417a8dffe00210cf-20111016-114905\Manifest.mbdx
There are no problems with disc space. As indicated above, about 70% of the backup is written to the destination G: drive successfully.
I was running FBackup 4.6.253
Any ideas or suggestions?
Many thanks,


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Can you manually create that long path in destination on G: drive?

Do you know you can monitor your backups remotely with Backup4all Monitor? You can read more here:

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