Does the program have an active window when running?

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When I say active window, I mean a window at the bottom of my operating system panel with FBakup. If yes, does the Window only appear when saving something or even when not doing anything? Does it have an icon in the tray?
When scheduling a backup, does it automatically overwrite previous versions of a file?
I will be saving the files to a USB Flash drive.
In response to the reply below: Does the Window disappear automatically after finishing the backup?

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I saw mine has an active icon in the tray when backing up. I also noticed it has a window pop-up when it begins the backup which I want to stop. There are options to overwrite previous backup or keep creating new ones.

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The answer for your last question:

In Backup Properties->Scheduler, when you add a scheduler for a backup job, you can select the "Close after run" option.

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