Fast Mirror - what is it?

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Re: Fast Mirror - what is it?

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marksand wrote:WOW, thanks for the head-up before I even install v7.0.174 !
Specifics of the options "Fast Mirror" and "Copy files in a subfolder" certainly need to be added to the user manual.
In particular the Fast Mirror option needs to state that anything other than new or modified files will be deleted. I wonder now why anyone would even want that option.
Awaiting the results of your latest test.

I will open another thread asking just what "Copy files in a subfolder" means.
I am pretty certain this is incorrect and I doubt anyone would program a backup software like that.

But whatever, I use the fast mirror backup for a while now, and it wouldn't make any sense not using it. At least in my case, i doesn't delete the old (i.e. not new or modified files) from the backup, it just adds/removes new stuff added to the source drive and deletes the ones that are deleted from the source drive. The first time around, on a fresh drive, it does a full backup of course.

Unchecking that option would mean that the entire source drive is copied in its entirety every single time, which makes no sense whatsoever.

For instance, I am using two 4TB drives to store my photography, it would take half a day to back it up every single day (because I've scheduled a daily backup task), rendering the PC unusable for most of the time, and also put a lot of strain on the drives themselves, shortening their life-spans.

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