FBackup 5.5 and Stop/Start SQL Server

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FBackup 5.5 and Stop/Start SQL Server

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I need to stop and start a SQL Server to perform a full backup.
I see the Advanced options window has the ability to run an action before and after backup.

What would the batch file be to do this and how do I get FBackup to notice it / have it as a choice in the drop down menus?


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Re: FBackup 5.5 and Stop/Start SQL Server

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In FBackup you can use only a set of actions offered with the application.
If you want to use your own commands before and after the backup, please try our commercial edition: Backup4all.
Here is a tutorial about how to configure the actions for MS SQL server backup: http://www.backup4all.com/kb/backup-ms- ... a-120.html

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