Fbackup does not start intermittently

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One employee is having intermittent issues trying to run Fbackup. What I have discovered is that the Fbackup.exe is "not releasing" and remains in the PROCESSESS of the Task Manager. If I go there and "end process" disregarding the warning, the program is released. After exiting TaskManager I can then run the program.
What I notice is that when I click on the desktop shortcut I won't see the hourglass icon. The employee claims to hear a buzzing sound but nothing happens. The external drive is not the issue as it is always confirmed to be accessible when this issue occurs. However, if the hourglass displays it takes a few moments but the program will start.
I am not at this physical location but determine this by remote login. Any ideas onwhat the issue may be and how to correct this?
the PC is using Windows XP SP3 backing up to external drive connected via USB.

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