Fbackup procedure in a new PC

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Fbackup procedure in a new PC

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I use Fbackup since Fbackup 4 saving files from a large F external drive to a network drive (mirror backup).
Now I have a new PC (windows 10) with a different configuration and the external drive letter is "I" instead of "F".
The external drive and the network drive remains the same.
The full backup take several hours , but the incremental backup take only a few hours to update the backup every month.

If a run Fbackup in the new machine (PC) will it considered the files that are already saved in the network disk (adding only the new files) or it will make a completely new full backup?
How should I address this case?

Thank you

Carlos Cunha
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Adrian (Softland)
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Re: Fbackup procedure in a new PC

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If the source drive letter is changed, all files will be backed up again.
In such a case, you should assign the F drive letter to your external drive, in order for FBackup to detect the sources as being the same.

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