Fbackup - strange problem

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Fbackup - strange problem

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One of my colleagues started manually her backup and after a while she stopped it and then shut down her computer. After a week, he opened the computer, run again manually the backup job and everything worked fine, no warnings, no errors.
When she started working as usually, opened a few documents, she realized that about 5-10 of her xls files were not as last time she edited them. In fact they appeared last modified in may 2013. The last backup log does not show any changes to that file.
We use mirror backup and I can not understand where that file version appeared from.
Has anyone encountered this problem before ?

Thank you.

Adrian (Softland)
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Re: Fbackup - strange problem

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No other client reported such a problem.
If you run again the backup now, are those files backed up?
If not, is there something special with those files? (permissions, type, location)

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