File move to different directory

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File move to different directory

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I am new to Fbackup [Free version 6.4] , testing process to backup certain win10 directories . Changes to documents and movement of files between directories. What do I need to know to correct my findings. Made a backup of a few directories then moved edited files in these directories and moved some files from one directory to another, The second back up ( maybe even more tries than once) the edited test within document did reflect changes..... BUT any movement of file directory wise remained as the original and did not reflect the main Hard-Drive situation.......... NO change movement --- NO files in the new location just the OLD location remained as the first backup .
Tried both FULL this situation happened ) then re-formated the USB Stick tried the Mirror ( same results ).

Should I be setting up other parameters and see different results that I wish to see. ................CHANGES to the original Directory on the BACKUP..............
Thanks for any clues to consider or explanation ..............

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Re: File move to different directory

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It is not clear if you edit/moved files in sources or in destination. Please note you should never manually change/delete the files in destination.

1. If you use the Full backup type, all source files will be backed up every time and the old backup will be deleted from destination.
Just make sure the files/folders you are looking at, are in the backup sources list.

2. If you use the Mirror backup type, after the first backup, only new and modified files will be copied to destination drive. If you select the "Remove excluded or deleted files from backup" option in Backup Properties->Type page, the deleted sources will be also deleted from destination.

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