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I have a PC and a Laptop.. and about 390gb of photo image files.. an image catalogue/editing programme called Adobe Lightroom. I want to copy to a portable hard drive, transfer to the Laptop, work on the images and/or add images, transfer back to the portable drive and transfer back to the PC.. I am thinking that if I had a programme like FBackup on both computers I could backup to the external drive, then restore to Laptop... update the files, do some sort of backup to the external drive that picks up the changes, then do a restore to the PC of the changes recorded on the external drive. I want to use the external drive as my off location backup. I would only use the Laptop for cataloging tasks, such as Meta Data changes. Lightroom creates its own database but seems to work better if is draws data from the photo, if this makes sense. Can FBackup handle this type of task?

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You cannot do that with FBackup. It uses the local catalog, which is also stored in destination. In Backup4all, our commercial edition, you have the possibility to use only the catalog from destination and that can be what you need.

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