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Hi there,
I love using FBackup - it is very efficient and easy to use, but I have a suggestion that would make life easier for me and I guess other users also.
When a subfolder is added on my c: disk, it is automatically checked in my source list if there are already some folders/files selected in the parent folder. Howevever, my default preference is for new folders NOT to be included unless I manually select them.
a) Is this possible now? (I am using v4.8, build 286)

b) If not, can this feature be added in the near future?
Many thanks,


Adrian (Softland)
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Post by Adrian (Softland) »

The new files/folders are added automatically in your sources list only if the parent folder was added as a source for the backup.

The fact that you unchecked some subfolders does not change the main parent folder.

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