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Can one or two please help me out here. I'm newer than new to this program and here's where I'm at.
I'm to where I'm being asked "When do you want to back up" - therefore I have put "How often / What Day / What hour / User / Password" ......
I have put Daily / then I have put my time but as to a Password - I have none because I do not use one here in Windows 7 ... but the "Next" is grayed out. I can hit "save" and that of course will give me the option of "Save & Run" or "Save" but it's asking me here again for a Password.
Since I have none, is that saying I have to have one in order to run this program or is there a roundabout?
Your help will be appreciated.
Please type very slowly in order for me to understand. Thanks!

Adrian (Softland)
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There are two schedulers in FBackup. You should us the other one, which does not require a password.
At the last step of the Wizzard, "When do you want to back up", please press Advanced mode button.

Go to scheduler page, press Add.

Select "With built-in scheduler" and press OK.

A new window will open and you can set the start time.

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