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Password Protection

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Use Fbackup 7.1 Build 313 I have enabled encryption and set a password for the data files, however I am able to open the zip file that was created by the backup using WinRAR without being prompted for any password. I can view the folder structure and the see the file names, I am finally prompted if I attempt to extract the file, but I believe that having the folder structure and files names is already a breach of the security I am expecting from a encrypted / password protected zip file. I believe an attempt to open the file should immediately prompt for a password before enabling any program to browse the contents of the zip file.

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Re: Password Protection

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We create standard zip files. In each zip you can see the folder structure and file names. Only the content is encrypted.
If you want to also protect the file/folder names, please use our commercial edition: Backup4all.
It has an "obfuscate" option you can check and the file/folder names will be obfuscated until you enter the password during the restore.

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