Question about network backup and backupfile name

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Hi all,
I would like to know the procedure of Fbackup for network backups. Does FBackup create the file on the existing disk and transfer or directly create the zip file and add the files in it? If it is the first option I will have difficulties as my server has 60GB of backup files and I don't have enough space on the local drive for a zip file to be created.
Another question is the zip file name to be created. Fbackup creates etc. I have my own script which renames the backup files and moves it to the related folder. Is it possible to make the backup file always the same?
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Adrian (Softland)
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FBackup creates the zip file locally, in Temp folder and after that moves it to destination. You cannot change the temp folder location in FBackup, but only in Backup4all, our commercial edition.
You can edit the zip file name prefix, but you cannot change this part "1_C", "1_D".

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