Removing shadow copy

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Removing shadow copy

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I recently attempted to backup my photo folder with fbackup 5 and it is on the order of about 70 gigabytes in size. I only had about 80 gigs left on the HD at the time I performed the backup. Towards the end of the backup process I had a computer glitch that caused the backup process not to be completed. The problem I have is that somewhere on my HD there must be a shadow copy of my photo folder because I only have about 5 gigs of HD space left. I cannot find where the file is. I need to delete it so I can free up that space. Any idea where I can find the shadow files? Thanks.

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Re: Removing shadow copy

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If that is the C: drive, it means the temporary folder could be the problem. To find it, go to "C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\Temp\Softland"

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