Renaming/moving backup destination

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Renaming/moving backup destination

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I inadvertently did an initial mirror backup to a USB drive without creating a directory on that drive, so it is simply called "C" on that drive, which is not terribly useful. I would like to place it in a directory. If I create a new directory, move the whole backup "C" with all its subdirectories and the .fkc file to it, and change the destination path in fbackup, will that work, or will I completely mess things up? I would just delete and re-do the backup from scratch, but it is a huge directory that took 24 hours to do.

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Re: Renaming/moving backup destination

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If you change the destination folder in FBackup, the backup will start over.
Here is what you can do:
1. Move the backup files and catalog (.fkc) in destination to the new folder.
2. Delete the backup job from FBackup.
3. Open in FBackup the .fkc catalog file from the new location. You will be asked if you want to change the destination to the new location, select yes.
Then you can continue the backups.

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