Restoring Files on a DIFFERENT Laptop

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Post by David0Ung »

Hi guys, I have a situation. I have 2 laptops, for the sake of brevity, let's called them Laptop A and Laptop B. They are two completely different models.
If I used fbackup to back up Laptop A, can I restore at least the files onto Laptop B? Assuming they fit on the harddrive?

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Post by wildwolf »

I am fairly new to fbackup myself, but I would think one of these ways would work...
1. If your backup was done in mirror mode, you should have all the files available for viewing on the drive you used as backup, and could copy them over manually?
2. If you used the full backup option, and it saved them in zip compression, you might be able to view the files in the zip file and restore them manually. Although an easier option might be...
3. Install fbackup on your second laptop, select restore, and then point it to the external drive you had your files on, and you might be able to restore that way?

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