Scheduled backup caused access violation with an active restore job

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I have 4 scheduled backup jobs that run in mirror mode every day on my system (spread out over time). This has been working flawlessly for some time and I am happy with the performance of the software.
I just replaced 1 of my drives and launched an ~1.3 TB restore job to push the data back onto the new drive but the problem was that the scheduled backup kicked in while the restore was active and they caused an access violation in each other and they both aborted.
Is there any way to have fbackup automatically suspend a specific backup job while there is a pending restore operation for that backup profile? I didn't really want to have to delete and recreate the backup job if I didn't have to and a restore of this size will be more than 15 hours.
Addendum: Should be noted the 4 jobs have unique source and destination locations and are not trying to back up the same data multiple times in the day. (i.e. Source1 -> Destination1, Source 2 -> Destination2, etc.)

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We will fix that, in order to avoid such problems in future.

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