Scheduled Fbackup not running

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I use FBackup on Windows 2003 Servers using Windows Scheduled task system. I set one full backup on Friday at 18:30 and a differential backup on the other days of the week (targeting separate backup folders of course).
On one server backup save folder is a Qnap which is assigned as system drive (not a network map actual drive). On second backup save folder is a network location which passes the connection test on the setup wizard window.
Since I set the differential backups (5 days ago) Fbackup didn't get any backups.
What can be the reason?
Many thanks


Adrian (Softland)
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1. Did you receive any error messages for those jobs?

2. Are there any other modifications you made?

3. Can you create a new scheduled task for one of the jobs to see if it works?

4. What version of FBackup you have?

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