Setting up New backup to destination with existing files

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Setting up New backup to destination with existing files

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I am using FBackup to mirror a set of folders on on my local computer (source) to a NAS on my LAN (destination), using two backupjobs. I have just migrated to a new NAS, but I have trouble getting FBackup to understand that it should continue doing the same backups, only to new destinations.

TLDR; version: I want to 'tell' FBackup to add new and changed files from source without wiping out the files on the destination folders that are identical to the ones on my source. How do I do this?

Additional context:
Presently, my problems are twofold. When I change the destination to the new NAS, one does not work at all and the other does not do what I want.

- Job1 gets aborted, stating "Backup aborted. Reason: Could not apply catalog patch 8". I have no idea what that means.
- Job 2 started alright, but instead of mirroring by copying new and changed files, it completely wiped out the destination folder and started to copy the new files from scratch. So now it has to copy 500GB of files from start, totally unnecessary.

Job 2 is twice as large as job 1, so I really want to avoid having to bog down my network for days doing an unnecessary backup. This is killing me, since what I want to do is a simple 'rsync'. Deleting the two backup jobs and starting on two new ones is no problem, of course. I just want i to work. Help much appreciated!

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Re: Setting up New backup to destination with existing files

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What version of FBackup do you use?

1. For the catalog patch problem: was the catalog imported from an older version of FBackup? If yes, please send us that file to info[at]fbackup[dot]com as it might be corrupted.
2. In order to change the backup destination and still continue the backups, please copy the .fkc catalog file from the old destination to the new one, delete the backup job from FBackup and then open in FBackup the .fkc catalog file from the new destination. That will recreate the backup job and will also ask you if you want to change destination to the new NAS.

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