Simplifying mirror backups?

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Post by Asimo »

I'm trying to backup from one external drive to another. This isn't anything really critical here, just media files and the like, so a mirror works well for me; I could just swap directly to the other drive if one failed. The problem is... backing up takes forever, for obvious reasons (USB to USB), and while I got an initial backup done after a few days, trying to repeat it seems painful; fbackup wants to overwrite everything.
Is there any way to just update/replace new/changed files, and leave the rest alone? The vast majority of the files won't be changed, and this would drastically cut down on the time it takes to backup.

Adrian (Softland)
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Post by Adrian (Softland) »

FBackup cannot store multiple file versions. All source files will be backed up when you run the backup.

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Post by Wanderlustg »

I think you misunderstood what Asimo was asking for.

He is not asking for FBackup to store multiple file versions, just the one, the latest one. He, like me, wants to only backup changed files. There is no point in backing up / mirroring a file from A to B if A and B are exactly the same.

When your software goes and creates the list of files to backup

example from log

[15:46:26] Creating the list of files to backup

[15:46:27] Found folder F:\Music

[15:46:27] Found folder F:\Music\Killers, The

[15:46:27] Found folder F:\Music\Killers, The\Day & Age

[15:46:27] Found file F:\Music\Killers, The\Day & Age\A Dustland Fairytale.mp3

[15:46:27] Found file F:\Music\Killers, The\Day & Age\Goodnight, Travel Well.mp3

[15:46:27] Found file F:\Music\Killers, The\Day & Age\Human.mp3

[15:46:27] Found file F:\Music\Killers, The\Day & Age\I Can't Stay.mp3

[15:46:27] Found file F:\Music\Killers, The\Day & Age\Joy Ride.mp3

[15:46:27] Found file F:\Music\Killers, The\Day & Age\Losing Touch.mp3

[15:46:27] Found file F:\Music\Killers, The\Day & Age\Neon Tiger.mp3

[15:46:27] Found file F:\Music\Killers, The\Day & Age\Spaceman.mp3

[15:46:27] Found file F:\Music\Killers, The\Day & Age\The World We Live In.mp3

[15:46:27] Found file F:\Music\Killers, The\Day & Age\This Is Your Life.mp3

[15:46:27] Found folder F:\Music\Prodigy, The

[15:46:27] Found folder F:\Music\Prodigy, The\Invaders Must Die

[15:46:27] Found file F:\Music\Prodigy, The\Invaders Must Die\Colours.mp3
It should only add a file to the list of files to backup if the timestamp and/or filesize are different.
This what Mirroring really is, it is a type of file synchronization. And of course the only files that need synchronizing are the ones that are different.
If your software doesn't do this, then I will continue my search to find true mirroring software.


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Post by Adrian (Softland) »

I now understand what do you mean.

The Mirror backup will back up only new and modified files.

If you use the Full backup type, then all files will be backed up again when you run the backup.
Please send us the complete log file and the catalog to info[at]fbackup[dot]com.

To find it, go to View->Job Logs->Last backup log and for the catalog: View->Open Folder->Catalog folder.

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