Smart file scanning mode?

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Smart file scanning mode?

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Hi there,

When it says that it may be slower if there are many changes to files between back up's. How many changes would warrant one to check this option? Would this then make the back up quicker? I may have up to 1000-3000 changes per back up of nearly 1TB. Which option is best in this case?


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Re: Smart file scanning mode?

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The "Smart file scanning mode" option is used only if the total number of source files is larger than 25,000 files. Otherwise the backup could be slower.
Depending on the backup frequency and the total number of file changes on that hard drive, the option can be useful or not.
If you run the backup once a month and you have millions of file changes on that drive between two backups of 1,000 source files modified, the option will not be useful.
If you have 1 million of source files and you run the backup daily, with only few modified files on that drive, the option will be very useful.

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