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Sync type

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I have recently started using FBackup for home for pics and music. However, I wanted to know what kind of sync is used by this product.

I have photos in Drive D and back them up to an external HDD. Now after backing up (or on a later date) if i delete the file from my computer, what happens to the file in the external HDD, if I do not wish to use incremental backup.

And every time I make a backup (which i did to test the product) there is an additional file with .fkc extension is being created what is the use of this file.


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Re: Sync type

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FBackup is a one way backup solution.
If you delete some of the source files, they won't be deleted from destination unless you select the "Remove excluded or deleted files from backup" option from Backup Properties->Mirror page.

The .fkc catalog file is created in destination by FBackup and it contains information about the backed up files. Opening the fkc on a new computer, will recreate the backup job so you can run a restore on another computer in case of system crash.

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