Tell Mirror Backup to Re-check Every File?

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Hey guys,
I noticed a problem after switching backup-destination drives, in that FBackup seemed to assume all files not recently changed, were already present on the destination drive, and not checking that the drive had been erased (or in this case replaced). After failing to figure out how to tell Mirror backup to re-check the entire folder, my only recourse was to copy the backup job to a new one, run it, then delete the original job.
Is there a quick shortcut or a planned feature, where I can just click 1 button to tell FBackup to do a complete re-check of all files/folders, for those lonely nights when I'm feeling especially paranoid about my data?
To clarify:
-I have folder A and folder B.

-I have already backed up both folders with FBackup

-Whoops! Broke my hard drive... time to replace

-I change folder B while working

-I tell FBackup to run its Mirror job again, and it only detects that B has been changed, and does not bother to see that A is not in the destination (because the destination drive is new)

-I frustrate

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If you regularly change the destination drives, you should use our commercial edition Backup4all which has a feature for that. It can use only the backup catalog from destination. When it is missing, it will create a new one.
In FBackup you can force the deletion of the existing backup and run a new backup if you go to Backup Properties->Advanced->Run action before backup. Here you have to select "Clear backup".
The application will not look in destination to re-copy the deleted files. It is supposed none will manually delete his backup from destination.

Do you know you can monitor your backups remotely with Backup4all Monitor? You can read more here:

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