Trouble with Ports

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Trouble with Ports

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I have been using FBackup for a while. I had to unplug it (power and usb cable) the other day. When I plugged it back in and put the usb cable back into the port and tried to run a back up, I keep getting a pop-up that says "insert a disk in G". I have 2 ports on my laptop that I use for devices. 1 is for printer and 1 is for FBU. 1 is port F and 1 is port G. It doesn't matter which of these ports I plug the cable in to, I keep getting the pop-up. Can anyone help????

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Re: Trouble with Ports

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Please note FBackup is a software application, not a device.
I assume you use a CD/DVD or an external drive as backup destination, which is connected via USB. Please make sure you can access that device in File Explorer before trying to use it in FBackup.

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