What does "Testing" phase actually test?

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I'm wondering whether a successfully passed "test" is simply a confirmation that the data copied in a backup matches the original data...or does it also mean that the backup as a whole can successfully be restored. I see an "fkc" file in the destination folder along with the compressed data files, but I'm not sure if this file is also verified during testing. I would just simply restore the backup as a test of the backup's "restore-ability", but even in it's compressed form, my first backup is 278Gb, so that would be a rather lengthy manual test. Can you shed a little light on the testing process?

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A successful test means the data has been copied into destination and can be restored.

The fkc catalog is copied in destination after the backup is finished. If there is any problem during the copy process, a warning or an error message will be shown and also listed in the backup log.

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