Which drive to install FB backup on?

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Which drive to install FB backup on?

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Hi there,

I'm wondering which drive to install the software on? ie. my laptop or the source or destination drive? (I back up from one external drive to another)
I ask this because what if my laptop died or was stolen etc. would I loose the info associated with the back up job itself or can I find this info on the destination drive? If this is the case, how can I open this file? I hear people talking about an .fkc file, is this it?


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Re: Which drive to install FB backup on?

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The .fkc catalog file can be found in the backup destination too.
If for some reasons you can no longer access the laptop, just connect the external destination drive to another computer and open the .fkc catalog file in FBackup on that computer.
The backup job will be recreated in FBackup so you can restore/continue the backups.

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