Backup to NAS device - can't see Iomega

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Post by Steven7221 »

I just installed an Iomega 1TB Home Storage Manager drive directly on my switch. Basically it's just a 1 TB drive that plugs into the network instead of my computer.
I can see/read/write to the device via Windows Explorer. The installation software mapped the backup folder as Y: and even software such as MS Publisher can see it.

However, regardless of my choice of backup destination, FBACKUP cannot see/access this device.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance


Adrian (Softland)
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Do you have the same problem if you use Backup4all, our commercial program?

Please install it as Trial.

If it works for you, please read the giveaway from the top of the page about how you can get a free license of Backup4all.

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Post by Steven7221 »

Thanks for the suggestion.

However, I discovered what my problem was.

Out of the box, that NAS drive was set to a default network name, which did not match my own network name.

Once I changed it to match my own network name, the drive immediately became visible to FBackup.

I'm running a backup right now.

I may have just found my new backup companion! Wooohooo!


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