bschedstarter high CPU

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bschedstarter high CPU

Post by blacky7312 »

We have noticed that the service bschedstarter.exe is always using a large amount of CPU approx. 50% and when a backup job starts we have 2 processes running using up around 100% of the CPU.

Is there any way to reduce the processer requirement for bschedstarter.exe?

Name Status CPU
bSchedStarter.exe running 49%
bBackup.exe running 48%

the bschedstarter service never drops below 45% even when no backups are running so something doesn't seem right


Adrian (Softland)
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Re: bschedstarter high CPU

Post by Adrian (Softland) »


Do you have the latest version of FBackup 5.5.839?
If not, please install it and see if you still have the problem.

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