Cannot load backup catalog

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Cannot load backup catalog

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I just started using FBackup a couple of days ago. After doing the first backup, I changed the default folder for storing the backups to C:\MyFBackups. At that time, I got a warning message to the effect that the catalogs would be deleted, and was I sure I wanted to do that. Answered yes, because I planned to do a repeat backup to make sure it went to the new destination.

However, when I try to "open backup" and click on the .fkc file I want to look at, I get the error message, "Cannot load backup catalog "C:\MyFBackups\(filename)\". What does that mean and why do I always get that message? If it can't load the catalog, would an attempt to restore the files fail?

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Re: Cannot load backup catalog

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It seems you did select a zip file instead of the .fkc catalog file.
Try to double click the .fkc file from destination.

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