FBackup crashes at the same percentage each time

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I am new to FBackup but not backing up data. I read a lot of great things about FBackup but thus far my experience hasn't been very good.
I am trying to backup pretty much everything except Windows etc. on my Dell Laptop with a 250Gb drive. So far, every time I create a "large" backup, such as 60Gb's FBackup gets to the 58% mark a crashes. When I look in the folder where the back up has been sent to on a 750 Gb ext. drive, the size of the file is 33.7Gb. I have ran three jobs of similar size and the result is a file that is exactly the same size each time, although I have selected different files each time. One backup of 63GB and one that was larger each created a 33.7Gb file on the ext drive. Both though have "crashed" at 58% according to FBackup.
The log doesn't say that it has crashed. The last entry just states "Adding file etc etc etc. But the application is non responsive and the machine has to be shutdown forcefully.
I have ran a small backup of one folder of about 4mb's that is fine.
Any ideas as to why the large backup fails? Also should note that for it to reach that point it takes hours, which isn't unusual for a large back up, but it will just sit there once it reaches that point that it has to be shut down.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

M. Walker

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Please send us the last backup log to info[at]fbackup[dot]com to see what the problem is.

If the log is large, please put it into a zip archive.

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