FBackup keeps starting up by itself

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FBackup keeps starting up by itself

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I have five scheduled backups(five different drives) at 7pm, 7:15pm, 7:30pm, 7:45pm and 8pm
That works fine. No issues. But...

I only want FBackup to start/run at 7pm, when the first backup is scheduled. FBackup starts-up, by itself, all day long and nowhere near the scheduled times. Every time I close FBackup, it re-starts within minutes... over and over and over.
Isn't it only supposed to initially startup at 7pm?


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Re: FBackup keeps starting up by itself

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FBackup only starts the program interface or it also executes a backup?
If it runs a backup, please open Backup Properties->Scheduler->Edit
Go to When page, select the Trigger and press Edit.
Go to Advanced tab and see if the scheduler is set to repeat every few minutes.

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