FBackup will not restore 1 file

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I am trying to restore one file from my 50 GB backup (zip file).
I go through the steps:

1. Press restore button.

2. Select "Choose another location."

3. Select "Choose files and restore the latest version."

4. Select the file I want to restore.

5. Press "Finish."
After that, the program acts like it is doing something and says it is done.

I check the location where I told the program to place it and the file is not there.

I check the restore log and it says "Restored 0 file(s) and 0 folder(s)" and that it finished with 0 errors?
Please note that I can back up the entire 50GB zip file to get the one file that I need, but I would like to avoid that if possible.
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Adrian (Softland)
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Please also check the "Restore excluded or deleted files" option from Restore Wizard.

Try again to restore the selected files.

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