FBackup won't startup with Windows anymore

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Post by Ton »

Hello you all.
This morning, starting up the pc, I found out that FBackup won't start up with Windows anymore. Untill this moment no problem.

I'm getting the next error message:
Sched_exe error 2147500037
Anybody that has an idea?
Thanks in advance, Ton.

Adrian (Softland)
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Post by Adrian (Softland) »

Do you have Acrobat Reader installed?

Can you uninstall Acrobar Reader, restart the computer and try again to configure the scheduler?

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Post by Ton »

Don't know what happened but just out of nothing FBackup is back to normal, starting with Windows again.

Nothing changed, I do have Acrobat Reader installed, did not uninstall that, nothing changed.
Also of course, I can not tell what was the problem....but glad to see that its business as useal!
Ciao, Ton.