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Three minor glitches:
1. Prog starts even when Tools>Options> is set to NOT start on windows startup, i.e. that box is not ticked;

2. I actually want it to start minimized to tray. However it always starts Maximized. I have changed ALL Properties everywhere I can find to "Minimized". After logging on, always starts Maximized.

3. Where is this autostart executed from? It's not in Startup, it's not in System Configuration.
Note: I have two Scheduled backups set up to run during the night. If I can run these backups without having prog running in the background, that would be great. However, I cannot seem to stop it starting when I log on.
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Adrian (Softland)
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The startup command is stored in Control Panel -> Task Scheduler.

Please delete it and try again to configure the startup options in FBackup.

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