Mirror Backup with multiple external hard drives not working

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As a precautionary measure, I've purchased 7 brand new external hard drives, each hard drive representing one day out of the week, e.g. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc, so that we may have a rotational-backup system in place for our server.
I set up a single Mirror backup using Fbackup, selected the entire C: drive of our server hard drive, (excluding temp. files of course), then set it to backup manually without a schedule. The initial backup was successful on the first external hard drive.

When I plug-in the second external hard drive the next day, then run the same mirror backup I created the day prior, It copies for about ten or so minutes then stops, saying it is completed when it is not. It should be taking around 2 hours since there is no data on the disk yet. Looking at the drive, some, but not all folders copy over. I plugged in another one of the external drives, and the same thing occurred, only a few of the folders from the server hard drive are copied over, then it just stops.
Should I be creating a separate backup job for each external hard drive? Or, any other suggestions as to why this is occurring?
Thank you for your help.

Adrian (Softland)
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In the first day, all files were backed up.

In the second day, only new and modified files were backed up.
You can configure this scenario without using the local catalog, feature that is available only in our commercial edition: Backup4all
If you want to use FBackup for that, you need to create a separate backup job for each day.

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