Recovery after hard disk failure and replacement

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I have used FBackup with the Vista OS for nearly two years to backup personal and business files to an external hard drive that is used only for backups. I did a complete new backup less than one week before the internal hard drive on my HP desktop computer failed and had to be replaced. The Geek squad tested the drive and replaced it and restored the Vista OS from disks they made when they last cleaned up viruses on the computer. I have loaded Norton anti virus and updated it to be current.
I have just downloaded the current version of FBackup but cannot figure out how to recover the backed up files on the external hard drive. I know the folder name from looking at the directory of the external drive, but can not find a way to key that name in so that FBackup can access the folder and restore my files. Since all data on the failed drive was lost, I do not have information on the job used to create the backup.
Any tips on how to restore my files will be appreciated.

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On the destination drive, near the destination folder there has to be the .fkc backup catalog file.

Open the .fkc file(s) in FBackup and the backup job(s) will be recreated in FBackup.

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