Restore Issues

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Restore Issues

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I am having difficulties restoring the backup I have made of my user folder in windows vista.

I have recently reinstalled windows vista and I am now looking to restoring all my user data.

If I try to restore all my user data, the program chooses to stop very quickly into the process, normally only restoring a few files. If I try to cancel, the program more or less freezes. The only way to stop it is to close it from Windows Task Manager.

If I try to restore certain parts (certain folders), it seem to work but will stop quite a few times, as it is unable to find certain files, though if I look in the location the file is clearly there.

I tried running a test of the data and it seems that there are about 79 errors, which I think all relates to not finding a file. Again checking a few, they seem all to be there.

This backup was originally done for version 4, but I am now using version 5.

I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I should have Admin privileges, but I am not certain whether my virus program is doing something.

I would appreciate any help you might have.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Adrian (Softland)
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Re: Restore Issues

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If you suspect there is a virus, the antivirus might be involved, deleting the infected files from temp folder, where FBackup is unpacking the zip backup file.
Try to stop the antivirus and try again.

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