restoring all files rather than just the ones that are different

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i did a restore and fbackup restored all files and folder rather than just the ones that are different. i know this because i have many files that haven't been touched for quite a while and so there's no obvious reason why the software should consider them as having been modified in any way.

is this supposed to happen?

i would have thought it would only restore files and folder that are different.

the options i used are:

Use Original Location ***

Restore the latest version of all files ***

I'm running the program and the program is telling me that the file / folder exists and asking me if I want to replace it or skip it.

This occurs even though the restore file has the same date and time as the current file.

Should it even ask if the files are the same - i would think it should automatically skip that file if it wasn't changed from the version on the backup.

Since i already told it to restore the latest version of the file, shouldn't it do all of that automatically without prompting me?

i'm working with windows 7 home edition 32 bits on a toshiba pc.

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FBackup does not keep track of multiple file versions, so only the latest version for each file is preserved.

If you want to restore the latest version, that is the only version stored. You cannot select only the backup execution from one date. Those features are included in our commercial edition: Backup4all

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