Scheduled Backups Don't Run

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Started using FBackUp (free version) 3 years ago for a municipal client to save the files on my laptop on his server..... initially it worked fine, after an upgrade it stopped running scheduled backups and I have to run them manually.
I have an NAS at my home office that came w/ backup software. I wanted to backup the NAS to a local machine while I upgraded the RAID array. All NAS volumes are mapped as local drives (Q thru U). In order to back up from the NAS however, I had to upgrade to the Pro version. Same problem ..... Using Windows scheduler, the scheduled backups just don't run, neither on my laptop (w/ a password) nor a desktop (no password). I See this problem posted many times on the forum here but as yet, have seen n o solution. Both machines are Windows XP boxes, sparsely used, hence their duty as backup storage.

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The problem is not in our application. Can you schedule another task to run using the scheduler from Windows? (you can find it in Control Panel->Task Scheduler)

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