Task File Name

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Task File Name

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How does one correct the task File name ? The recent upgrade wiped all my stored drives. So I had to recreate 8 jobs which involved backing up 4 drives to 2 different locations. They're basically all the same, each being:

Local [PC Name]-[Drive Letter] on [Removable Drive]

So this reads on the Job Properties for the 1st Job for Drive Q:\ as:
Name: "Local NEPC-Q on E" (Source = Q: / Destination = E:\Q-Backup)
Task File listed in scheduling section: "fba_Local NEPC-Q on E"
File Created = Local NEPC-Q on E.fkc
All is good

So I duplicated that backup for R, S and T, edited it as follows for R:\ and all the task filee names do not match the job:

Name: "Local NEPC-R on E" (Source = R: / Destination = E:\R-Backup
Task File: "fba_Local NEPC-Q on E - Copy" ..... should be NEPC-R not Q and should not have "Copy"

Name: "Local NEPC-S on E" (Source = S: / Destination = E:\S-Backup)
Task File: "fba_Local NEPC-S on E- Copy" .... Got correct drive but again this is not a copy after it was all edited.

Name: "Local NEPC-T on E" (Source = T: / Destination = E:\T-Backup)
Task File: "fba_Local NEPC-R on E- Copy" .... Got wrong drive and this is not a copy after it was all edited.

What do I have to do to get the file names for each backup to match the Job Name ? Sometimes it allows me to edit, and have everything follow thru and sometimes it gets drive wrong and adds copy .. it's not a copy after its edited.

I have deleted

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Re: Task File Name

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I created a ticket for that. We will fix the renaming problem.
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