Updating FBackup

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Updating FBackup

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I have received a notification when going into Fbackup informing me of a new update.

If installed this would take me from Version 4.8 to Version 5.0.396.

Obviously I can see the advantages of updating my version but the last time I attempted updated FBackup on instructions such as these I had problems.

I remember going forward with the update assuming that it would automatically uninstall the previous version and install the new version in its place. The icon on my desktop would be replaced and everything in the garden would be lovely, including being able to continue making my back-ups with and over the existing back ups, but that didn't happen as I remember. I had all sorts of problems which I because it happened sometime ago I can't recall entirely.

What I do remember is that I ended up having to take my computer into a local shop to have it put right at a cost of around £30.00!

If I attempt this upgrade again, what exactly is the procedure?

Will the newly installed version replace the old version and will the backups I have on my external drive be recognised or do I have to go through the whole back up process again?

I'm not touching it until someone gives me an educated answer!

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Re: Updating FBackup

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The new version of FBackup will not remove the old version, it never removed the previous version as they are different applications, you can use both applications if you want.
Just installing version 5 of FBackup will not cause problems on your computer so you have to go to a service for that.

Simply use the Add/Remove programs option from Control Panel to manually uninstall FBackup 4 after you installed version 5 and imported the backup jobs in the new version.

To import the backup jobs from FBackup 4 to FBackup 5, just close FBackup 4 and open FBackup 5. Go to File->Tools->Import from version 5..
Select the jobs to be imported and press OK.

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