using 2 external drives one died and backup deleted other backup

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using 2 external USB drives, fbackup is set to mirror files from c drive and files from main external drive to the other external drive, main external drive failed and when the auto backup ran that night it deleted all the backup files from the main external drive but left the files on c drive intact

the backup is setup to do both drives in the same backup job

using version 4.5

have this setup this way on multiple computer system and afraid if it happens again I would lose a lot of information

can you please advise what I should do so it does not happen again


Adrian (Softland)
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That happened because you used the option to "Remove excluded or deleted files from backup" from Backup Properties->Mirror page.

Please uncheck this option if you don't want to have that problem again.

You should have made a restore of the files to the new drive before making the backup.

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