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I've seen this question posted elsewhere, but haven't seen a satisfactory answer. I have no account password on my computer, but FBackup 4.6.255 won't let me schedule a backup unless I enter a password. The error message says that I should go to Tools > Options > General (or Tools > Options > Preferences) to allow blank passwords, but that preference setting doesn't exist in either of those places.
One response on this forum says that the password is no longer required in recent versions of FBackup, but that's clearly not the case -- as I said, it won't let me schedule a backup without a password.
An other response said to use the built-in scheduler instead of the Windows scheduler, but that's not satisfactory, because I need backups to occur even when the computer is in standby mode. (As I understand it, the built-in scheduler won't permit this.)
Has anyone come upon a definitive solution to this problem?

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What version of Windows do you have?

Can you go to Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Task Scheduler and manually create a scheduler task to run when no user is logged on?

If you can do that, please create a task to run the FBackup job too.

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