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Restore backup of FBackup configuration

Posted: Wed Mar 12, 2014 6:34 pm
by arvo.bowen
I'm moving from one server to another and I'm very confused with FBackup's configuration backup plugin.

On the old server I...
- Opened FBackup
- Clicked "New Backup"
- Named the backup "FBackup Config"
- Using "Local" I choose my thumb drive as the "Drive"
- Then use the folder "\fbackup_config\"
- Clicked "Advanced mode"
- Clicked "Sources" on the left then in the drop down choose "FBackup Configurations"
- Then clicked "Save and run" at the bottom.

That backed up great and I now have a nice little backup of all the config. The issue is with the restore. What are the steps to take to do the restore? So far I have managed to get this far...

On the new server I...
- Clicked "Open Backup"
- I browsed to my thumb drive and opened "\fbackup_config\FBackup Config.fkc"
- I get a message box that says "The destination for the "FBackup Config" backup job is "E:\fbackup_config\" (Removable) Do you want to change the destination to "C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\fbackup_config\" (Local hard drive)?"
- I ticked the "Apply to all" check box, then clicked the "Yes" button.

At this point my backup job now shows up but when I right click -> properties, Under the destination area I do not see any way to choose any type of "FBackup Configurations" prefilled settings.

How do I proceed? Do I need to specify the destination on the local hard drive manually? If so where do I restore to??? A bit confusing!...


Re: Restore backup of FBackup configuration

Posted: Mon Mar 17, 2014 12:36 pm
by Adrian (Softland)

After you loaded the backup in FBackup, just press Restore to get your configurations back.