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Posted: Sun Jun 19, 2011 3:20 am
by aszito2

Roughly how long should it take to prepare a shadow copy of 502MB.. just wondering. So for it's taken nearly 2 hours.

Posted: Sun Jun 19, 2011 4:32 am
by aszito2

well I'm giving up on this software I wait & wait & wait for the backup to work, which never comes, and then I wait & wait & wait for it to abort which also never seems to come. I try to unistall it and it doesn't uninstall completely, it tells me I must manually remove certain components, which won't let me manually remove because they're in use.... where? I dunno. Reemember folks.. ya get what u pay for. jus sayin'

Posted: Mon Jun 20, 2011 4:46 pm
by Softland


I'm sorry to hear that you have problems using FBackup.

For 502 MB of data, the backup should take only few minutes.

The problem you seems to have is caused by the Volume shadow Copy service which was not working properly and it cannot be started by FBackup.