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Posted: Wed Jul 27, 2011 7:57 pm
by fbnk

I have a single small text file that I need to have copied each day except for Sunday from one computer to another on the network which is always the same file name and I would like it to simply overwrite the previous one in the destination folder. Then either in a second backup job or part of the same one, also copy that file to a separate folder for archiving in which I need the files to be preserved not overwritten. They can be filename1, 2, 3, etc. or filename(date) or anything that will allow me to keep 3-6 months of the files.

I have the backup job created, although I'm unsure if I should use the full backup or "mirror" option and scheduled with Windows scheduler.

Also, how does it handle if the folder is ever empty (say a holiday when there is no file present in the source directory)?


Posted: Thu Jul 28, 2011 1:41 pm
by Softland


In FBackup you cannot have multiple file versions. That feature is available only in our commercial edition: Backup4all

To keep a single file version and overwrite it every time, you can use any of the backup types available in FBackup: Full or Mirror.

If you are using the Mirror type and there aren't new files to be backed up in the source folder, FBackup will start the backup at its scheduled time, found no new files and will finish without copying any file.

If you use the Full backup type, all files will be copied every time.

Posted: Thu Jul 28, 2011 3:43 pm
by fbnk

It appears to have put a (jobname).fkc file into my destination folder when I tested last night. I can't have this, I just wanted it to simply copy the single file I specified. Can I simply delete this or will it be recreated each time the job runs? How can I stop this from happening?

Posted: Thu Jul 28, 2011 5:02 pm
by Softland


The backup catalog (.fkc file) is important to be in destination and you cannot avoid that.

If the source hard drive crashes, you can open in FBackup the backup catalog from destination and the backup job will be recreated. This way you will be able to restore your files.

If the .fkc file is missing from destination, you won't be able to restore your files using FBackup.