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Posted: Sun Nov 18, 2012 12:05 am
by msand42
I ran a large backup today (19,818 files and 1,773 folders) to a portable USB hard drive and got a warning message on 4 of the files. Here is the Backup Log for one of them:
[11/17/2012 4:06:53 PM] Warning: Skipping file C:\Program Files\Eudora\spool\lmos.dat.002

Source error (code 87). The parameter is incorrect. (C:\Program Files\Eudora\spool\lmos.dat.002).
The other three warnings were similar.
The Log at the ends says that 4 files were skipped. Windows Explorer does show those files on the hard drive but with size 0 bytes.
I reran the backup and the 4 files were successfully copied!

So what's going on?

Posted: Sun Nov 18, 2012 4:49 pm
by msand42
Apparently error code 87 is a Windows error and not specific to FBackup. I did a Google search on "windows error code 87 the parameter is incorrect". Lots of hits. Many of these involved the error 87 during other backup programs and utilities. All kinds of possible causes but beyond my technical expertise. Since the rerun of the backup was successful on the problem files, guess I'll just write it off as "one of those things". Thankfully FBackup does run to completion and report the problem files in the log.